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The business of marketing and selling properties

You are in the business of marketing and selling properties. These properties need to sell in order for you to get paid. Ask yourself: how well is your marketing plan working for you? Continue reading “The business of marketing and selling properties” »

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Poor photography drives me crazy!

Soft focus photo that make living rooms look like disposable camera shot are on the top of my list. Pitch black rooms are a close second.  Almost all buyers are searching the Internet for their next home to purchase. What grabs buyer’s attention online? PHOTOS, pure and simple. A $300 camera will not cure these problems! [...]

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In Real Estate, A Picture Is Worth $1,000 or More

Attention desperate home sellers. Don’t want to lower the price on your house? Consider better photos. Real-estate listings that use photographs taken by the higher-end SLR cameras favored by photographers and photography enthusiasts, tend to do better than those that use photos from cheaper point-and-shoot cameras, according to a new analysis done by Redfin Corp., [...]

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