First impressions seem to matter most when it comes to dating, job interviews…and real-estate listings.
Eye movement on real estate photo, Wall Street Journal, March 22, 2013:

20 Seconds for Love at First Sight

They say that pictures says a thousand words..believe it or not, a span of 20 seconds can mean a lot to you!For Realtors, listing a home online is a part of marketing strategies and providing a subject photo or photos is a standard procedure — well, that is if you want your listing to look attractive online. Understanding how people view a listing online can help agents refine their approach.
Some agents ensure the photos, property descriptions and remarks can be seen without scrolling; while others limit their remarks to only a few paragraphs and focus more on the lifestyle and neighborhood than appliances and other features.
When people browse through listings theirs eye movements follows a “Z” pattern, beginning in the upper left corner to the upper right and continuing down the page in small “Z” patterns. After reaching the bottom right corner, they continued scanning up the right column of the screen. But as online browsers click through properties, their interest wanes and they have respondent fatigue. After a while, you get lost in a sea of homes, so it is important to show the most appealing and the best quality photographs.

eye movements follows a Z pattern