Soft focus photo that make living rooms look like disposable camera shot are on the top of my list. Pitch black rooms are a close second.  Almost all buyers are searching the Internet for their next home to purchase. What grabs buyer’s attention online? PHOTOS, pure and simple.
A $300 camera will not cure these problems! It is more than that.
I have invested thousands in equipment to provide quality photography to my clients, and I have gotten listings because of it. And small listings get the same service. Just because the property is $150k does not mean they are not entitled to first class photography, or the buyers and sellers are oblivious to well presented product.
Well photographed and well presented homes packaged with good descriptive writing capture not only the eye but the heart and imagination of buyers. In this market top notch attention to detail matters.
Making a home picture (and video) perfect is about showcasing it, preferably, with home staging completed. It’s about taking the pictures using the best light possible and showing off the way each area comes to life.
That’s the truth.