The business of marketing and selling properties

//The business of marketing and selling properties

The business of marketing and selling properties

You are in the business of marketing and selling properties. These properties need to sell in order for you to get paid.

Ask yourself: how well is your marketing plan working for you?

If you want to attract attention to your property, you need to create a breathtaking first impression. While dull and boring photographs fade into the background, photos taken with Home Listing Photography pop with vibrant color and detail.
When we shoot a property, we are meticulous at every step in the process. Each shot has over a decade of photography experience behind it, ensuring the image captured best reflects reality. We take our photography a step further using advanced processing techniques that makes our pictures stand out from that of other photographers.

The steps we take result in an unmatched realism in our photos. Once published online and on MLS, we’re confident that closing won’t be far away.

  • bad quality picture for RE listing
  • Properly lit, high-resolution photos
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Home Listing Photography (HLP) was created in 2009 after 12 years of social event photography and commercial work for clients in Massachusetts. After years of developing and perfecting a unique style, HLP is now the go-to specialist for architecture and real estate photography in the Boston area. Our goal is to capture the most detailed nuances in architecture while tackling the challenges of making inanimate objects come to life. For more information or to see how HLP can improve your business, please visit